Managing your time and space

Managing your time and space

We all have 24 hours in a day. We all inhabit the same planet. But some of us are better at using our time and space than others.

I know if I’m not careful I get too busy. So I’ve learned to carve out time and space just for me.

When I didn’t, life was hard. But now I’ve achieved mental health balance I’m ready and here to help you.

In this post:

  • Self-compassion as the key to good mental health
  • How you can use your time and space wisely, and flourish

Self-compassion: the key to good mental health

‘I find I’m more effective when I can listen acceptantly to myself, and be myself.’ – Carl Rogers, founder of humanistic psychology and counselling

This is self-compassion, a character essential to good mental health.

Think about it, if you go through life loathing yourself, how can you thrive? Even if you think you feel good there’ll always be an underlying element of dislike colouring whatever you do.

At Sweet Mental Health we give you chance to connect with your self-compassionate side. Perhaps discovering what being kind to yourself feels like for the very first time.

Your time and space – your place in the 21st century world – can often be overwhelming, I’m sure. It certainly is for me when my academic schedule, client visits and family duties coincide. But instead of becoming lost in a flood of emotion I use the mantra, “One moment, one breath and one movement” to explore my feelings and behaviour. And then… peace.

Here are some things that will help you regain calm and balance…

One moment: counselling as a safe space for you

The counselling room is a safe place where you can take a moment for yourself. It’s space where you can focus with your counsellor on how you feel seen and heard by others (family, friends, colleagues, peers etc.). You can look at how you identify as a person and explore the meaning you place on things in relation to the people in your life.

And this may have changed recently, since the Covid pandemic hit…

So we can thrive we need to meet our basic needs. Before even thinking about other, more advanced requirements. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs illustrates this well – you start at the base of the pyramid moving gradually to the top as your needs are met:

Recently more of these needs have gone unmet in more people (thanks Covid!), including our basic physiological and safety requirements. And the result?

Poorer mental health for many.

You may have felt threatened by:

  • The unseen virus itself – potentially causing you and your loved-ones harm
  • Physical, verbal, emotional and financial abuse caused by living in a confined space with others

Or perhaps you worried about:

  • Being alone and isolated all the time
  • How you’d get your next meal

Some of these things may still be affecting you now.

Counselling provides the time and space to explore your feelings and behaviour, whatever your concerns.

One breath: yoga and mindfulness for calm, balance and unity

Yoga is all about being. No striving or doing, just being.

And breathing is key. Pranayama breathing will help you learn to breathe simply, without pushing, pulling or forcing. This activates your brain and respiratory system grounding you in the Prana life force.

Mindfulness meditation helps you focus on the here and now, relaxing your mind and body, helping reduce stress.

When you practice regularly, both yoga and mindfulness will bring unity to your body and mind. And it’s very easy to get started. There’s no need for complicated, pretzel-like poses so you can do it anywhere you’re able to sit or lay down. With only the slightest attention to yourself you’ll feel the benefits.

One movement: corrective exercise to help you move better

Corrective exercise addresses and fixes any imbalances or faulty movement patterns you may have. It complements the gentle movements of yoga incredibly well, especially if you’re recovering from injury or illness. But it also helps you move better during any workout and in everyday life, reducing the stress put on your body.

‘One moment, one breath and one movement’ will focus your mind so you can use your time and space well. And flourish.

To find out more do get in touch. I’m always happy to help you achieve sweet mental health.