Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT as it is shortened to, helps you to identify and understand patterns of behaviour, be it within your physical actions or in your thoughts. You can work with Matthew Sweet to learn how to challenge yourself using CBT.

Matthew Sweet from Sweet Mental Health, Mental Health Support in Exeter and online

How can Cognitive Behavioural Therapy help you?

As a cognitive analyst therapist it will be important to help you by looking at how your cognition and behaviour could be causing mental health difficulties. This means that the way we think; and the way we behave can be brought to each bespoke counselling session to help support change. It is a popular type of therapy within the NHS for those looking to do short-term work from 6 to 16 weeks. This particular approach is well researched and supported by practitioners.

My clients have found coping strategies to help them deal with problem behaviours, address their defence mechanisms and improve mental health. By looking at your behaviour in small chunks (rather than as one big problem), it’s far easier to change any negative thought patterns and improve how you witness automatic thoughts.

CBT Therapy and how it can help you every day

As a type of therapy, it can help and support people who are looking for CBT for health anxiety and CBT for stress because each session is personalised around your uniqueness. Pioneered and popularised by Aaron Beck (1921-2021), CBT has utterly transformed the diagnosis and treatment of many psychological disorders. After finding that depressed people often experienced distorted negative ideas, Beck helped his clients to recognise the faulty logic of their ‘automatic thoughts.’ He taught them to think more rationally, reducing their anxiety and improving their mood.

CBT includes goal setting and homework between sessions. I like to look at each core belief behind the symptoms you present with, separately. From your behaviour and the thoughts behind it, I can help you understand more of what it means to be you, see the richness of who you are, and guide you to find deeper meaning in what you think and feel.

You may face unresolved difficulties each day. You might find yourself unable to escape the same thoughts over and over and find it impossible to separate them. But with CBT the dialogue with me in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space will help you explore how to change your beliefs, thoughts and actions that are holding you back.

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Matthew Sweet from Sweet Mental Health, Mental Health Support in Exeter and online

How you can use CBT to reduce your stress and anxiety

When a client is managing academic stress it would be important to observe and witness the understanding we have of what is taking place. For me, the techniques of cognitive analysis therapy can help by looking at a schedule a person has in each day. It works with action plans to support a change to any part that is unhelpful. From here, I will manage a bespoke treatment plan to structure each session. By using each session this way we are able to identify automatic thoughts which do and do not serve you. I have found this therapy personally helpful to look at emotions and feelings. Likewise, the beliefs which fill each day are a good part to each session structure. Based upon this, a person who finds academic stress hard to manage is invited to explore many aspects of their life to cope differently.

The key is to bring together what strategy you can manage in regular homework tasks. This challenge helps to build greater resilience through proven CBT techniques face to face from Gandy Street, Exeter or online each week in bespoke private therapy.

There are limitations with some presenting difficulties around CBT which can make tasks which have already been mentioned hard to complete. I acknowledge CBT therapy works for some and not for others. Therefore, I will use the integrative approach to refine the service given to you as an individual without a ‘one-size fits all’ prescriptive model.

A positive relationship between you and your therapist can make all the difference, providing encouragement so you can complete your tasks outside the therapeutic hour.

If you would like further support and advice, about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), contact me here, or book an introductory call. This could be a really good time to begin a private counselling experience.

Bespoke Counselling Package

50-minute Integrative Counselling sessions (weekly or fortnightly).
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“Through the mindfulness practice with Matt, complemented with Yoga the transformation I feel in me is just outstanding. Having readjusted my approach to me and my life as a whole, I can honestly confess to loving the ‘new’ me. Being calmer, patient, receptive and therefore realising that I achieve so much more from my day to day living is possibly the most valuable tool we can give ourself”

Kerry Godley-McAvoy, Event & Account Management, Team Army Sports Foundation

“You will not find a more professional individual than this man. Incredible listener and responder. Thoroughly trained with an immense calmness and inviting warm personality. You will meet humanity personified head on! You will feel elated when you receive help and a listening ear. Recommend thoroughly.”

Rasvinder Virdee, Torquay Photo Centre

“Matthew is kind, non judgemental and holds a level of wisdom and observance not often seen in the field of therapy. He will give you the tools you need to change your life, you just need to take the leap of faith.”

Jack Howard, Weston Super Mare