Is life difficult for you right now? Would you like a professional, safe space to explore your inner world and achieve a well-balanced life? Welcome to Sweet Mental Health…

Matthew Sweet - mental health counsellor

It’s all about balance

At Sweet Mental Health, I will work with you to achieve complete balance – in your mind and your body. It’s the only real way to flourish.

Through my own daily journalling, physical and mental exercise (tennis does wonders for your brain and body!).

Eating healthy, home-cooked food and going on mindful walks, I’ve found this often-elusive balance. It’s not always easy and has taken a while to achieve. But it is possible.

Mental Health

You’re the expert, we’re your guide

Your experience of the world is unique. So during counselling sessions there are no right or wrong answers. Instead, our shared time and space is where you can be real and show the authentic you.

I will guide you to become who you really are building resilience on the way and leading to lasting change. It’s your path to explore.

Whoever you are, you’re welcome

You are you and no-one else. While I believe in the medical model of psychological problems, diagnosis is not ‘one size fits all.’ We’re all different and what suits you won’t be right for the next person.

At Sweet Mental Health I support inclusion and diversity, and encourage you to be physically, mentally and emotionally exactly who you are.

Accessible Counselling Sessions
compassionate service

A kind and compassionate service

Are you frequently overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings? Do you get fed up with the self-deprecation and loathing that often follows?

While you probably feel different every day, our counselling and wellness services will help you be kinder and more compassionate towards yourself. Helping you find balance on difficult days.


Our wellness programmes

Current NHS guidelines support regular exercise to help mental health resilience, which I teach you to do from the safety of a private online space.

Our programmes combine hatha yoga, mindfulness, and personal training to help you be fitter and more active, and to nurture self-belief and courage. With time, you’ll find you can reach your daily goals and become more authentically you.

To date I have supported people with anxiety, depression, post-surgery rehab, injury prevention and fat loss, and can personalise the service to your specific needs.

wellness programmes


Watch a video about the counselling service or find out more about Sweet Mental Health

Basic package
50 minutes

£49 per week

50 minute Integrative Counselling sessions (weekly or fortnightly).

Online, telephone or face to face appointments in Exeter 

Wellness package

140 minutes 

£99 per week

Weekly or fortnightly sessions of counselling and 30 minutes each:

Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness, Personal Training and/or Correctional Exercise Specialism.